Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Mahavidyalaya
Affiliated to West Bengal State University

Seminar & Workshop

Session Title View
2020-2021 Decoding The Shadow Pandemic: A Virtual Seminar On Understanding The Complex Issue Of Gender Violence Amidst Lockdown View
Prevention of Cancer and Healthy Lifestyle View
র্ ম ও আধযাত্মিকতা View
Role of NSS Volunteers in Our Society View
One-day Interactive Workshop

Word -Toon

19th March 2024
Thinking Minds Committee with IQAC

International Webinar

Language, Culture and Society

6th & 7th March 2024
Dept. of English & Sociology

International Webinar

Quinoa Processing: Sustainable Protein Source

18th May 2023
Dept. of Food & Nutrition & IQAC

State Level Webinar

Indian Republic Day & Recent Trends

26th January 2022
Dept. of Political Science & IQAC

Psychological Counselling

Emerged Problem in late adolescent

20th April 2021
Psychological Counselling Cell

ICSSR Sponsored One-Day Webinar

Decoding The Shadow Pandemic: Understanding The Complex Issue of Gender Violence Amidst Lockdown

13th February 2021
Women's Cell & IQAC

State Level E-Workshop

Disaster Management & it's Practice

4th – 6th February 2021
Dept. of Geography & IQAC with IMD (Kolkata) & NDRF

Virtual Awareness Programme

Prevention of Cancer and Healthy Lifestyle

1st October 2020

State Level Webinar

ধর্ম ও আধ্যাত্মিকতা

26th September 2020
Dept. of Philosophy & IQAC

State Level Webinar

Role of NSS Volunteers in Our Society

24th September 2020