Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Mahavidyalaya
Affiliated to West Bengal State University

প্রসারণ (The Extension)

  • Name of the Project: প্রসারণ (The Extension)
  • Objective: The Project aims at creating interdisciplinary dialogues as well as inculcating the spirit of creativity among students. The healthy competition will help students in looking at their disciplines in a riveting manner and also to engage in multi-disciplinary activity.
  • The participants: All the academic departments of the college. The students may be mentored and guided by the faculty members. The presentation/work will be made by the students themselves.
  • Format of the Project: Each Department will be given a space/stall to showcase their work
  • Assessment: A Committee comprising a number of teachers from other institutions will assess and evaluate the work and to prepare the list of top three departments.


প্রসারণ (The Extension) 2023