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Counselling is an integral part of the totals educational Enterprise.  The counselling cell render on unwavering services in the area of guidance and counselling. The counselling cell provides both group counselling and individual (one-on-one) counselling services, and the sessions are of offered in privacy and strict confidentiality.

This cell aims to nurture the adjustment and mental health all the students of our college. The primary aim of this is to provide motivational counselling to students to help them realize and reach their highest potential. The cell regularly interacts with students and helps them to overcome anxiety and stress by offering a wide range of support services. This cell provides a comforting environment for students and ensures their privacy by maintaining a non judgmental attitude. Through personal and vocational guidance the cell ensures enhancement of self-confidence of all students of the college.

Counsellor has experience in handling issues like inter personal issues like (family friends) relationship management, anger Management, emotional disturbance, peer  pressure and value based conflicts to name a few. We also provide students with career counselling aided by assessment techniques in order to help them to take decisions regarding their career.


Ø  to identify the problem areas or difficulties of individuals their potential and limitations

Ø  To help students develop their potential through a greater self understanding to enable them to take full advantage of environmental resources.


Ø  Identify students who require help

Ø  Conduct counseling sessions

Ø  Refer students to expert for guidance

Ø  Organize lecture/ seminar/ workshop by experts and professionals

Ø  Administer, score, and interpret psychological tests.


Committee Members

Jhilik Pakira (Convener)

Dr. Kamala Mitra

Dr. SreyasiChatterjee

Dr. Swarnali Chowdhury

Dr.Nabanita Basu

Mijanur Rahaman

Dr.Gargi Bhattacherjee

Rupa Chakrabarty Ganguly

 Psychological Counselling programme on 20th April: