The College is under CCTV Surveillance and has the LAN, Wi-Fi & Intercom facilities.

Mission and Vision


·      Aimed at disseminating higher education currently Under Graduate, but in the future the college shall aim for post-graduate courses in select job-oriented subjects for the students.

·      To synthesize the scientific method of inquisitiveness and perfection in the search for knowledge with the approach of sympathetic tenderness.

·      Special emphasis on expansion of higher education with co-operation of the students, teachers, staff and members of the alumni association.

·      To modernize the methods and contents of higher education through implementation of technology-attuned educational opportunity, collaboration with private and public organization/institutions to create a programme of human resource development, ensuring social justice and equality to foster competence and raising socio-cultural awareness among students and all other participants in the process.

·      In order to move towards fulfilling these objectives of mission and vision and thereby achieving the target of obtaining the higher order NAAC accreditation, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is operating here for the holistic development of the college under the supervision of the Governing Body. The cell regularly submits its Annual Quality Assessment Report to the NAAC and UGC.