The College is under CCTV Surveillance and has the LAN, Wi-Fi & Intercom facilities.

Future Plan

In the programmes of NSS, people are made aware of pollution. We make them know about the benefits of plantation, environmental cleanliness and so on. The college authority takes constant care regarding cleanliness of the whole campus as well as developing a general environmental consciousness among those who are associated with the college. All associated with the college are very much sincere about conservation of energy. In future college will take more effective concern for conservative of energy. Installation of a solar panel photo-voltaic system at the roof top is under process. Relating to controlling carbon level in the college, plantation programme is going on. There is a Waste Accumulation Area very carefully and specially constructed for disposing off the hazardous wastes. Construction of an auditorium is our future plan. Extension of college building for more classrooms is under process. In considering future activities, the college emphasizes specially on following grounds ----





Medicinal plantation

Rain water harvesting

Yoga classes

Meditation room

Health and hygiene awareness programme

Career counseling & stress management programmes

Introducing new disciplines

Teacher exchange programme with three neighbouring colleges so as to enable our students get proper enrichment in different subjects.

Running interdepartmental research work.

Initiation of a full-fledged PG course with competent teachers.

Seminar lectures by eminent professors (already in vogue)